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Saturday, January 28, 2012

June 30th/July 22, 2008

June 30th, 2008: Once More Into The Breach, You Know

I know I've written about it before. This fear, this tension, this anxiety that creeps up every time I'm heading into production on a new flick.

It's here again.

I guess I keep thinking I won't have it. That having three flicks under my belt would have immunized me to it. But it doesn't.

It could be that this new flick is a radical departure from what I'm used to. It could be because it's going to be the least expensive movie I've ever done.

Or it could simply be the jitters I get about releasing another creation of mine. If you've ever written something or drawn something or created something--and then shown it to a person only to have that person go, "Meh"--well, that's pretty much what you may get multiplied by 10,000 now that we've got the internet.

Because if even 80% of the people like your flick, you're only going to hear from the 20% who think it's a huge piece of shit. (believe me)

I guess it's a good thing, artistically-speaking, that what I'm trying to do is a risk. It may be hard to market. It's not full of gore, so I'm gonna hear it from the Fango crowd. It's got a little bit of nudity, so there's that going for me.

So...here I go again. Stepping off the cliff. See ya at the bottom.

July 22, 2008:  If You Can't Say Something Nice

Yeah, that's pretty much why I haven't posted anything in a while. I figured you wouldn't want to hear me bitching about more shit, at least, not bitching if I wasn't going to be entertaining about it.

The battle-to-shoot-the-cheapest-movie-I've-ever-shot continues. I wish that added up to a cool acronym so I could just say it whenever I refer to it. Nope. Nothing's easy with this thing.

Our first casting call was a disaster. Smallest showing I've ever had, no air conditioning at the casting studio(and it's like 95 degrees out), no phone, it was hard to find, blah blah. Only a couple of decent prospects.

Now, understand, this is a real casting studio. Carolyn Davis, for those who have heard of her. Let me tell you, she's a piece of shit(in my opinion). First off, she overcharges me for the space, especially since it didn't have ANY of the amenities listed above.

Second, we're casting for PAYING roles. Does she let ANY of her clients know? No.

So if you're paying this lady money, you're throwing it away. How many other paying gigs has she not let you know about? And please remember, WE WERE CASTING THIS AT HER OFFICE. Was that not convenient for her clients?

Only good news is that I borrowed a rig for a test from someone who worked on my last movie, and after testing it the guy asked if I wanted him to come work on the flick. I told him I couldn't offer him much, but he was cool with it.

So he's bringing his toys, and we'll be shooting the whole flick in hi-def. That's a plus. (also a minus, as I'll have to get a new computer to edit it)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

June 14, 2008: Casting Begins

Some current notes: First, I email reply to most actors from a casting assistant email, so I can avoid direct pleas from the actors. So this guy didn't know he was replying directly to me.

Second, he's done pretty much nothing since then, so I don't feel too bad.

June 14th, 2008

Casting for the next flick. We got a curious email from a guy who's had small roles in big flicks(pretty much every Christopher Nolan movie). He claims he's been on a "self imposed exile" for 2 years but is now back to work.

Seemed strange, but he seems like a decent actor. I send an email with some sides for a videotape audition(he's from L.A.). The response arrived this morning. Here it is:

Obviously you weren't impressed enough with his resume.
I mean, are you kidding?

You want me to show this unaddressed mass email with instructions on how
to tape one's self to my boss... (the guy's name)?...

You actually want him to audition for you?...

I'm the one who contacted you on his behalf; - he's looking for smaller,
indie projects to squeeze in between his commitments to Hollywood, that's

But he surely wouldn't put himself for you, or anybody else at this stage
in his career. Sorry.

If you change your mind and see what a unique opportunity this is, and how
your film can benefit from him "trying to give something back," let me


Sincerely, ------, key assistant to -----

My reply went like this:

Listen--he's had small roles in big movies. Then he disappears off the map for 2 years. Vacation? Heroin bender? We don't know. He could be 500 pounds for all we know.

You're doing your job, I'm doing mine. (my name) doesn't give out parts without seeing an audition. He never has--and while (name) is a bigger name than we typically deal with, you seem to be under the impression that he's Al Pacino. I'm afraid that your average moviegoer has no idea who he is, so it's not like casting him blind would afford us any great consideration from a distributor.

So I appreciate your response, and if it's not worth his trouble then that's okay.


My fake casting alias is much more level-headed than I am. I was ready to just tell him to fuck off.