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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

April 21, 2008: It Begins Again...

April 21, 2008:

This was an article I created for background in the office...
Tom took this photo on his roof with his own gun and I photoshopped the badge on him.

So anyway, while we've been waiting to hear what the distribution sitch is on FOC2, I have been writing like a madman. I had intentions to do WC next, but I'm just not willing to compromise it and do it for the cheap.

But there was this other script I'll call BH that was built to be done cheaply. It deals with a lot of the same themes from WC, and I'd actually started writing it at the same time as WC. I considered it a companion piece to WC.

Anyway, response to it has been pretty good from the peanut gallery. So now I'm in this uneasy zone you always get in when you're readying a flick. It's this time period where you're wondering "Is it really going to happen?"

This period happens on every movie now, because when I first tried to get a movie off the ground way back when(with my then-buddy Rick Ganz), we had two false starts before we shot HH. I mean, we went all the way through the casting process on both of those flicks and they never happened.

But since then I've been 100%, and completed three films. So you might think this feeling of uncertainty would be a thing of the past...but it's not.

Anyway, I'm meeting a money guy(read: producer) this week. We're not looking for a lot of money on this one--the difficulty is going to be in getting locations.

I need to do some things on the streets of Baltimore that I think the police will frown on, since we're not going to be getting permits. (not that they cost a lot of money, but the insurance that's required does, and the off-duty police we'd have to pay also adds up)

I'm working on the shooting script and scheduling right now...

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