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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Still Working on Kinonation Deliverables

I've filled out all the forms on Kino but here's something that's sucking right now.

SRT files.

You have to have one for the deliverables. An SRT file is the file used to display subtitles when people speak.

For instance, this is how some of mine looks:

00:10:11,230 --> 00:10:13,711
You know, they think it'll
lead back to drugs,
which is

00:10:14,062 --> 00:10:14,985
total bullshit man.

00:10:18,202 --> 00:10:19,118
I ain't going back to that.

00:10:24,102 --> 00:10:25,377
What's up guys?

00:10:29,812 --> 00:10:32,477
See, the drug thing's why I
can't carry a gun like the
rest of them.

00:10:33,154 --> 00:10:35,886
I got a conviction so it's
against the law for me.

00:10:37,122 --> 00:10:39,021
So, uh...

00:10:40,034 --> 00:10:41,282
I get the pepper spray.

So I had a dialogue spotting list for Bounty, but it was never exact(and it also applied to a file that had a Universal Counting Leader), so what I'm having to do is play the movie on VLC, trying to note when they say a line--beginning and end.

Then go over and add those times to that line in the text file. Note--VLC doesn't display milliseconds, so you're guestimating numbers. You save that text file, then reload it into VLC and check to see if you're exactly right.

You never are. Let me just say, I'm at the 11 minute mark in the movie and I've spent about six hours working on it. It's the worst thing ever.

Gonna put quite a delay in this...

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