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This is the blog about the making of the film "Bounty, written and directed by Kevin Kangas, starring Tom Proctor, Neil Conway, John Rutland, Demetrius Parker, Chris Obrocki, Michelle Trout, Leanna Chamish, Savannah Costello, Johnny Alonso and Mary Werntz.

We did some crazy stuff to make this movie, and now you get in on the action...

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

October 11, 2008: It's About To Begin

Things To Come...
Me in the center, Chris O'Brocki crouched, and some extras who came out to help.

October 11, 2008

Okay, 1 day away from shooting. Not near ready, really.

The night after he had surgery Tom called me in a drugged haze from his hospital bed to tell me not to worry. He would be out  on time, ready to shoot. He was so out of it the whole thing would be funny if I didn't have so much banking on this.

Last week he called back to tell me not to worry. It was still on and nothing could stop him from coming. The guy's awesome.

He's as good as his word. Shows up, we get him situated in the house he's going to share with his fellow bounty hunter actors, and I decide that we need to dye his hair a darker color.

We hit the mall where we pick a color to dye it to, the guy at the hair dressers dyes it, and his hair is black as coal(when we picked a dark brown). Oh well, guess we're gonna roll with it.


Through creative storytelling we somehow got a Balt Co film permit. It's pretty funny, really. Doesn't even have the name of our flick on it.

Yes, I lied to get it. I do that sometimes.

Even funnier--I'm starting to suspect we won't need. it. We've been to the Balt location a couple of times now, including twice with my guy dressed as a bounty hunter, and four times the cops have slowed down, looked at us, and sped off.

THEN tonight Tom and I go out driving for some more B-roll and he cuts a cop off(without knowing it was a cop), so the cop pulls us over. I'm shooting from the passenger seat, no seatbelt, special lighting in the car so Tom's visible. I wish I had kept shooting, but I was scared we were about to get hit with the riot act.

One cop on my side, one on the other. The cops look in, see Tom, and one goes, "Oh, bail enforcement." They take a very cursory look at my lead actor's driver's license, and the one cop goes: "So you're filming some stuff huh? You guys should go down the street, make a left on X street, then a right on Y street. You'll get some good stuff there."

Then they took off. Crazy.

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