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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday, August 27 2008: Brutal

 Tom Proctor, in one of the first test photos I shot

Man...there was a time when making movies was fun. It was fresh. I knew a bunch of people who loved making movies, making shorts, just fucking around with cameras and acting, and making stuff.

Most of those people, well, I just don't know them anymore. They moved away, or they started a family and got a job, and they just don't have time anymore.

And I made a movie that got distribution. Then I made another movie that got a LOT of distribution, and everybody assumed I made bank on it. A totally incorrect assumption. I did okay for what we spent on the flick, but we spent peanuts on it. The deal was that I got an okay amount of money AND got distributed by a big label. The deal was NOT that I got distributed by a big label AND got a boatload of money.

But everyone that hears I'm gearing up for something assumes I have money for every position, from P.A. to extra to fluffer. (Okay, I might have money for a fluffer)

It's a battle on this next flick because we are shooting it cheap. I can't afford to pay everyone.

More problems: Found a great actor for one of the main parts, but it turns out he's SAG. He got SAG to send me a booklet with the ultra-low contract, but it's still crap. One clause in the 4 page contract says that concurrent with signing the 4-page contract, you're signing the longer contract also(which is 123 pages). I can't possibly sign it--it gives a lot of control of the movie to SAG--for just one actor.

Another problem: Can't find an excellent black actor in super-fit shape. Sent out sides to about 30 people who had submitted headshots, and only one returned a dvd audition. He was okay. Nobody local has been any good at all for the part.

Locations: Where do I start? Who wants to let me come by their house/apartment and shoot some fake guns in the dead of night for no money? Sweet, I'm on my way.

Props/Vehicles: Gotta put all these together, and it's extensive. With a lot of money it's no problem. I don't have a lot of money.

My production manager is on another job and won't be back for a couple more weeks. We start shooting in about 5 weeks.

Pressure is building.

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